Party Planning Assist

With our Party Planning Assist Service, our goal is to walk you through the process of planning your event. We want to empower you so you know what to expect every time you do an event with Royal Flush Gaming!


Initial Consultation

This is a 1-hour meeting of the minds regarding your event! Together, we will write a plan with the following:

  • the date of your event (we recommend at least 2 months in advance.)

  • the purpose

  • the goal (fundraiser)

  • your budget.

  • the responsibilities of each team member.

  • your marketing strategy

  • your plan for selling tickets and collecting donations (fundraiser)



Throughout the planning process, Alex and Becca will be available via phone and email to answer any questions you may regarding the planning of your event. Reach out to them if you have questions regarding venue, vendors, decor, costuming, permits, Casino Night Licensing, etc.

Contact info

Phone: 515.214.7986




Final Meeting (2-3 days prior to event)

This meeting is to tie up loose ends. It is also a phone meeting.

There are several items you could potentially go over depending on the party you choose.

For Example

  • Venue

  • Vendor Layout

  • Permits and licensing

  • Brief Intro to the Pit Boss

  • Prize Table

  • etc